Reveries is a Pacific Northwest based project with the majority of the band's members hailing from Walla Walla, Washington.  The remaining members reside in Kennewick, WA and Hermiston Oregon.   Reveries has been loosely categorized as Shoegaze, Post-Rock, and Post-Punk by many critics, reviewers, and fans alike.  

 "...The new self-titled release from Washington State’s own Reveries is a creatively packed and diverse outing with a different shade of musical color for every palette...embed this into your life. You won’t be disappointed."  -

Right from the heart of Washington State wine country, Reveries was initially started between members, Jonathan Avila and Jesse Flores, as just something to do and to maybe book a few local club and winery gigs to exercise their creative outlets.  

As the writing continued, and with no success of finding other members to join, the duo took time to reflect on the project as a whole.  Unsatisfied with their current position in the musical universe, they decided to quit chasing down such a specific target demographic and just start writing what comes naturally.  In doing so, the sound of Reveries shot off into a totally different direction.  Avila and Flores soon after, recruited Ryan Cuillier and Jose Zaragoza just a couple short months before their first house-show gig in May 2017.  

Reveries secures their own spot in the music world by utilizing the different influences of each member.  From Avila's love of Indie/Shoegaze/Dream pop, Flores' influence of post-rock/alternative, Zaragoza's Heavy & Hardcore roots, and Cuillier's versatility from pop-punk, math rock, and heavy genres, are what makes this band who they are.  

Reveries has grabbed the attention of many within the Shoegaze and Dreampop community.  Achieving airtime on many respectable blogs and radio stations such as DKFM (, When The Sun Hits, The Blog That Celebrates itself, The Shoegaze Collective Radio Show, Primal Music, That Indie Thing with Rob,, Custom Made Music Blog, Raised by Gypsies, The Blackout Radio Show, Łabandzi Śpiew, Bret's Ramblings, The Reverb, and Psychgazer.

Reveries released their debut, Self-Titled EP in April 2018 which can be found on almost any platform.  Stay Tuned for new music to come, join our mailing list, and follow us on social media to stay up on current events!